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A Retrospective of Series 2000 - 2022
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A Retrospective of Series

The exhibition "A Retrospective of Series", which will be on display from August 11 at the "Artists‘ House" in Tel Aviv, summarizes 20 years of work in one aspect of Liat Polotsky‘s artistic work - series. The idea for the exhibition came to her mind as she was watching her recent exhibition at the Museum of Nature in Jerusalem, which featured a variety of watercolor and oil painting series - some individual identically-sized paintings that were attached to form a series, some originally drawn as a series on a single sheet of paper, and some attached together as one continuous panoramic image.


The works of Liat Polotsky, who has been creating for over 50 years, are characterized by an attempt to grasp the essence of the landscape and the world around her through the abstract. Her works have undergone many incarnations over the years, but a common trait is that her semi-abstract style forces deeper examination by the viewer in order to find out what lies behind the visible.


The exhibition "A Retrospective of Series" was born out of a desire to summarize one aspect of her artistic work and after noticing that many of Polotsky‘s works over the years are in fact series - although not all of them were created as such to begin with. The format of the series is evident in all the fields of art in which she has created: in watercolor works on paper, which have characterized her since the beginning of her activity, in oil paintings on canvas, which she has been painting since the end of the last century, in miniatures in which she specializes for more than two decades, and in special projects such as the eye-catching cube series from recent years.


The exhibition will feature series, some of which have been exhibited in the past, and some of which were created specifically and recently for this very exhibition. While they are painted in different styles, the connecting thread is obvious. Sometimes the pieces fit together into one big picture; In other cases, they continue each other, complement each other or merge into one another; In some series the theme and style are the common denominator. However, many of the paintings can also stand on their own. In the past year, Polotsky has created several series on global warming in watercolor and in oil on canvas, and they will also be displayed in the exhibition. The message in the watercolors is straightforward and clear to the eye, while the series in the oil colors is more amorphous and refined.

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