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The exhibition took place during :
November 2001 in Jerusalem, at the entrance hall of Jerusalem Theater
April 2004 in Tel-Aviv, at "The Green House" at the university of Tel-Aviv

Exhibition of pictures in oil on canvas. The exhibition showed large semiabstract pictures which try to describe the landscape in the eyes of a person traveling at high speed in a variety of transportation means as well as the movement already present in nature (sandstorms, winds, large waves et cetera).

From the Press: 

"Polotsky was my first natural choice from the five exhibitions which were on display in the theater…"
"… Calmly I finally sat down to write about the distinction between drawn gaiety and observed sadness in the magnificent storm paintings of Liat Polotsky…"

Albert Swissa 
Achbar Kol Ha’ir, 2.11.2001

More about the exhibition

The theme of the current exhibition is motion; all types of movement in nature and the interaction between man and landscape.

Nature is abound with movement: wind sways bushes and leaves of trees; storms at sea; typhoons; cyclones; water currents in rivers; the sound of waves; lightning; lava flowing from volcanoes, etc.

Man also contributes to this movement: headlights of cars and planes flying by; blinking lights at the night: fireworks and spotlights; movement of flames of fire. 

Even when a landscape is quiet and calm, we do not perceive it as such; few of us walk much and most of the time we see the landscape at a state of motion. A person travelling at high speed sees the landscape as though it is moving although it is actually at stand still. Therefore there is a difference between observing a landscape from a stationary position than in motion, as from a speeding train, plane or motorcycle. In a state of rapid motion some of the objects look blurred while others loose their initial shape and acquire a new form.

All of this motion must affect us. The conventional artist, faced only by a canvas, rarely completely captures and expresses speed and motion.

In this exhibition, which includes paintings from 1999-2001, I tried to face, the challenge of expressing not only the inherent movement occurring in nature, but also the movement that occurs a function of different observation perspectives.

Liat Polotsky [from the exhibition‘s brochure] 

cover of the catalog



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