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In the spirit of the Atelier Mordecai Ardon
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In the spirit of the Atelier Mordecai Ardon
 septembre 2006
Exposition des peintures, gravures
Nation Center for Art in Paris (La Cité)

For six months during 2006 I resided at the National Center for Art (La Cité) in Paris. I was lucky to receive the studio of the late Israeli artist Mordechai Ardon. 

What is unique about the studio was that across from its windows rose a wall entirely covered with green foliage. I was fascinated by the wall from the moment I saw it. I would look at it for hours and witness its transformation every day, the intensity of its shades and colors changing with the sunlight and clouds from dawn to dusk. Its green shades turned to yellows in the burning afternoon hours and to shades of black-green in the evening, when a single hanging lantern illuminated the foliage. The sight was spellbinding, and I had no choice but to sit and marvel at these transformations and put to canvas my impressions of the wall throughout  the entire day.

The inevitable outcome of this overabundance of curiosity regarding the wall across from me resulted with me rarely leaving the studio. Occasionally I saw in it new and unexpected things; people who passed by and were consumed in it, birds who alit on it and afterwards flew away. Small unforeseen incidents held me magically entranced.

At first, I was satisfied with painting small scale watercolor pictures but they were not enough to express my impressions in their entirety.
I intended to create an enormous wall of my own. Unfortunately logistic problems prevent me from creating a large panorama, as I wanted. So I decided to “assemble” the wall from many small pictures.
Since space was limited, I assembled the "Wall" from 20 square pictures, each of them 60x 60 cm. sizes. The total size was 120x600 cm and the complex was intended to express my feelings about the various colors and happenings of the wall. I exhibited the "Wall" at the Cité gallery in addition to a few of my oil and watercolor green pictures. All of them expressed my impression of the wall in front of my windows. I called the exhibition: "In the spirit of the studio of Mordecai Ardon" because I heard that Ardon, like me, abandoned all other colors and focused only on green. Most likely he, too, was captured by the inspiring green wall.

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