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Creating a Magical World from the Core
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Creating a magical world from the core

The exhibition took place during:
January 2004 in Tel-Aviv at the Center for Performing Arts of Tel-Aviv, The Israeli Opera 
November 2005 in Jerusalem at  Beck science Center in Chozvim Mountain.

Exhibition of pictures in oil on canvas.  In these paintings, there is no intention to “photograph” physical reality, but rather to create it anew. A primordial  creation – without partitions and without comparisons to the real world.

The period of freedom with no boundaries was replaced by a need to delve deeper and to start the painting from the inside out – to create the world from a given nucleus. The nucleus now becomes the focus, and sometimes also the end, of the creation. The subjects of these pictures are this time the Bible stories and fairy tales.

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Core (noun): heart, center, crux, interior, in (the center), the opposite of edge.
(See Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language: "Milah be‘milah" by Eitan Avnion.)

I chose to use the thesaurus and not a dictionary because the thesaurus gives a word added dimension and depth simply by comparing it to other similes.

In my paintings, there is no ambition to "photograph" physical reality, but rather to create it anew. A primordial creation - without divisions and without comparisons to the real world.
My period of freedom with no boundaries was exchanged with a need to delve deeper and to begin the painting from the inside out - to create the world from a given nucleus.  The nucleus now becomes the focus and sometimes also the end of the creation. 

Liat polotsky[from the exhibition‘s catalogue]

Liat Polotsky emerges from Israeli-Jewish roots.  During her childhood, she was read to from the Book of Zohar. This instilled in her a deep love of the Bible and of beauty which is reflected in her paintings.Her vast knowledge has contributed greatly to her work – it has influenced her choice of subjects as well as her approach to art and life in general.

Light is a predominant subject in her paintings. It is elusive and ethereal, disappears and reappears and often illuminates her works from within. “Creating a Magical World from the Core” – her current work – endeavors to design the ultimate core of existence, to infuse it with highly personal elements, and then express it externally in her singular, abstract way.Polotsky uses various sized formats integrated into triptychs which allow her the necessary physical space she needs to express herself. 

A rich spectrum of color, though delicate, characterizes her work; colors dissipate and then return stronger flooding the rest of the work and the viewer simultaneously.
Her message is focused and pure. 

A magic world arises and floats from within her work, a world which takes us on a soft, pleasurable, meditative journey to phantasms of beauty, energy and light.
The use of transparency by the artist was inspired by Japanese painting – First in her water colors and now in her oil paintings.  Her use of light and reflection is reminiscent of works by Turner, who was also influenced by Far-Eastern art. This current series dialogues with the superb abstractions of Georgia O’Keeffe – using the same rich color schemes. O’Keeffe’s works create an impression of organic-abstraction; Polotsky is more curtailed and concentrated.

Her work “The Heart of Light and Darkness” is full of power and grandeur.  The blazing reds which radiate from the core are easily integrated with forced boundaries and fill the visual space with fire.

Her work “and His Mercy on all His Creations” is based on the Bible and the Kabala which Polotsky grew up with, and which continue to fill her world. Within the core, we find a combination of yellow representing a Godlike light, and green – the color of life, inside of changing blues which ultimately merge water and sky – signifying the essence of existence.

The triptych “Creatures of the Seas” – which was created from within the same primordial roots –is full of the spectacular display of blues and greens which intertwine in creative energy.

The different colors in these works lead us to different visions, and different realities which the artist experienced and which through her we may be privileged to experience. The paintings together form a complete unit, but each painting also radiates the possibility of collectively journeying to the primordial essence, or to any other possible place.

 Hana Barak Engel,  
Translated from the Hebrew by Michele Horowitz
[from the exhibition‘s catalogue]

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